Maximize your points to lodge a successful Expression of Interest (EOI) for SINP

Maximize your points to lodge a successful Expression of Interest (EOI) for SINP

Expression of Interest of Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee program is a pre application process which allows you to show your potential to immigrate and settle in Canada for permanent residency for occupation in demand and express way program.



If your dream destination in Canada is Saskatchewan you need to create your expression of interest profile which tells government of Saskatchewan that you have plan to live with permanent residency in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan PNP is your answer in this case.


The expression of interest profile has following details you need to provide:

  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Language Ability
  • Family connections if any in Canada or Saskatchewan
  • Funds to settle


You will be given a score out of 100 based for your Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee points.

You need currently 60 points to be eligible to receive a nomination for Saskatchewan PNP.



Here is how you can lodge a successful EOI for SINP:


  1. If you have a post secondary education or diploma and higher you can easily score between 12-23 points
  2. For work experience for one year or more you can score 4-10 points
  3. Your skilled work experience can get you 2 to 10 points easily. Ensure your work experience is as per NOC level O, A or B.
  4. Your IELTS language score of 4 (R-3.5, W-4, L-4.5, S- 4) and above can get you points between 12 to 20 easily.
  5. If your age is between 22 to 34 years you can easily bag 12 points.
  6. If you also get an employment offer from an employer in Saskatchewan you can get 30 points.


Other then these you can get additional points

  1. Your past work or study experience in Saskatchewan can get you 5 points.
  2. A family connection in Saskatchewan can get you 20 points for Saskatchewan PNP.





Your EOI profile is valid for one year. In case in the starting of application you are not able to get the minimum points you can keep improve the score by scoring more in language tests or increasing your work experience.


Once you meet the EOI and make the cut off from the draw you will receive an Invitation to apply from the province. After this you can successfully apply for Canada PR.




To ensure that you are able to launch a successful expression of interest for SINP and score the maximum it is best to get your profile assessed by an efficient immigration consultant. West Highlander is your one stop solution to all the worries of lodging a successful EOI and immigration processing for Canada PR.