Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Language Requirements

Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Language Requirements

Canada is one of the greatest and preferred countries since few decades due to its friendly and numerous immigration policies. Canada offers numerous benefits to the applicants who get success with their Canada PR application. Starting from numerous work opportunities, free healthcare, top quality education at nominal prices, accessibility to transportation to serene environment and secure multicultural society all is offered to PR holders. In Canada Quebec is one of the most popular and largest provinces in Canada. Montreal city situated in Quebec is the second largest city in Montreal. The province has been attracting a large number of immigrants every year. One of the most renowned visa program other than express entry and provincial nominee program is Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Quebec is majorly a French speaking province which often results in applicants planning to apply for PR visa about the language requirements.

In this article we would be breaking down on the Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021, eligibility criteria and language requirements.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is one of the economic immigration programs through which one can apply for Canada PR. This program is run by Quebec government for applicants who wish to settle in Quebec permanently. One needs to meet the eligibility requirements of the program and also be required to check that their work experience is in demand as per the Quebec labor market. The French speaking province, Quebec has a unique and easier point’s requirement. Unlike other programs an applicant applying alone needs minimum 50 points while with partner you need 59 points. Another factor which makes the process different is that you would be required to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate for being nominated by Quebec government for the program. A common question among applicants is the eligibility requirements for the QSWP and how the point system works.

Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Eligibility requirements

Following are the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration eligibility requirements for 2021:

  1. Firstly you need to be 18 years old and above to apply for QSWP.
  2. Secondly you need to claim 50 points as an individual applicant or 59 if applying with your spouse on the point grid system.
  3. You need to meet the language requirements and be proficient either in English or French.
  4. You need to have work experience minimum of one year in the last 5 years.
  5. Further, you need to have sufficient funds to settle in Quebec.
  6. In case you have training in an occupation that is high in demand in Quebec you could claim additional points.

 Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Language Requirements in 2021

  1. An applicant can score up to 22 points for having a good score on their language test. For English IELTS general or CELPIP are accepted. For French language one can give Test d`Evaluation du Français (TEF/TEF Canada), Test d`Evaluation du français adapté pour le Québec (TEFaQ), Test de connaissance du français (TCF), Test de connaissance du français pour le Québec (TCFQ), Diplôme d`études en langue française (DELF/DALF). Having knowledge of french can get you upto 16 points though it is not a mandatory critieria.
  2. For applicants having a high intermediate or B2 level French proficiency you can get a maximum of 5 points for listening and speaking and 1 each for reading and writing. For advanced C1 or C2 level proficiency in French, you could claim 6 or 7 points in listening and speaking respectively. While 1 each for reading and writing.
  3. For the English language, one needs a minimum IELTS score equal to CLB 5. While higher points are awarded for CLB 9-12.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Point System

Following are maximum points against fulfilling the factors for QSWP:

Factors Points without Spouse Points with Spouse
Education 26 26
Experience 8 8
Age 16 16
Language Proficiency 22 22
Connection to Quebec 8 8
Accompanying Spouse Factors 17 17
Valid Job Offer 14 14
Employability Eligibility Score 43 52
Children 8 8
Capacity for financial autonomy (eliminatory) 1 1
Minimum Eligibility Score 50 59


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